Leeds Waterfront Festival 2016.

Saturday 25 June & Sunday 25 June 2016

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  • BBQ at AzucarTapas BarBrewery Wharf - Leeds Waterfront Festival



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Leeds Waterfront Festival 2017 Dates

Saturday 24 June & Sunday 25 June 2016

Leeds Waterfront Festival 2017 Locations on the River Aire

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All the location except Thaite Mills are within easy walking distance.

Main Venues

Additional Venues

Oddy Lock


Brewery Wharf

  • Live Music & Dancing
  • Karaoke 1:30 pm
  • The Rebel Sounds 3 pm
  • Saints Utah Saints 5pm

Bars & Restaurants

  • Ciao Bella Italian Restaurant - Terrace. (Dock Street) 
  • Azucar Tapas Restaurant & Bar - Terrace
  • Oracle Bar - Bar Food. Very large Terrace.
  • Yum Yum Restaurant - Terrace
  • The Adelphi Bar - Pub food- Beer Garden. (Dock Street far end from Brewery Wharf) 
  • The 212 Bar - Terrace
  • Cha Lounge - Mini terrace Dock Street
  • Supermarket Sainbury's
  • Hotel Jury Inn
  • Steet food Stalls
  • Outdoor bars

Photographs from Previous Years

Arts Craft
Arts Craft 1

Arts Craft
Arts Craft 2

Arts Craft
Arts Craft 3

Arts Craft
Arts Craft 4

Arts Craft
Burger Stall

Brewery Wharf
Brewery Wharf

Bath Body Products
Bath Body Products

Beer Tent
Beer Tent

Brewery Wharf Relaxing on the Lawn
Brewery Wharf Relaxing on the Lawn

Canada Goose Goslings
Canada Goose Goslings 1

Canada Goose Goslings
Canada Goose Goslings 2

Canada Goose Goslings
Canada Goose Goslings 3



Crowds 10

Crowds 11

Crowds 12

Crowds 3

Crowds 7

Crowds 13

Crowds 14

Crowds 2

Crowds 4

Crowds 5

Crowds 6

Crowds 8

Crowds 9

Dancing 1

Farmyard Novelties Knock Bottle Down
Farmyard Novelties Knock Bottle Down

Garlic Prawnies Cooking
Garlic Prawnies Cooking

German Hot Dogs
German Hot Dogs

Dancing 2

Plants on Sale
Plants on Sale

Garlic Prawnies Food Stall
Garlic Prawnies Food Stall

Oracle at Brewery Wharf
Oracle at Brewery Wharf

Oracle Bar
Oracle Bar

Oriental Food
Oriental Food

Provencale Potatoes
Provencale Potatoes

The Mixing Bowl
The Mixing Bowl

Yum Yum Cafe Mini Supermarket
Yum Yum Cafe Mini Supermarket

Located on the south side of the river, next to Jury Inn Hotel

Granary Wharf

Located near the Railway Station & City Square behind the Hilton Hotel with access off Neville Street. Mainly on the north side of the river

  • Bars - The Hop, Skybar Lounge 
  • Restaurants - Wasabi Teppan-Yaki, LIVINitaly, Out of the Woods, Fazenda, Cuvee, Skybar Lounge with live music after 6pm
  • Hotel Hilton Double Tree
  • Craft Market
  • Street Entertainment
  • Kids Walk on Water WOW balls Saturday Only
  • Try a Canoe Saturday Only
  • Events & Bars on both sides of the Canal
  • Free Water Taxi to Leeds Dock (Royal Armouries Museum) from the South Bank of the River next to the junction with the Leeds Liverpool canal


Granary Wharf Location

  • Located off Neville Street
  • Behind he Railway Station use the South Exit from the raiway Station straight onto Granary Wharf
  • Behind Leeds City Hilton Hotel
  • Access
    • North Bank
      • Via the Dark Arches under the rail station, off Nevlle Street
      • Via  Little Neville Street, next to Leeds City Hilton Hotel & the Footbridge, off Nevlle Street
      • Along the Canal nothern towpath from upstream Castleton Mills, Oddy Lock & Armley Mills
      • Along the northern Riverside Walk from Victoria Wharf & Calls Landing. Cross over Neville St. & down the steps to the a few metres on the left.
    • South Bank
      • Along Dock Street & the Southern Riverside Walk from Brewery Wharf. Cross over Neville St. Along Water Lane for a few metres . Turn Right cross the narrow Canal footbrige.


Leeds Dock

Formeley known as Clarence Dock

Just down river of Crown Point bridge on the south bank & next to The Armouries Museum.

Next to Clarence Dock is the first lock of the Aire Calder Canal to by pass the weir on the River Aire.

  • Lots of entertainment and activities
  • Food Stalls
  • Bouncy Castle
  • Live Music
  • Bar
  • Dragon Boat racing Saturday only
  • Ideal opportunity to vist the fabulous Royal Armouries Musieum
  • View the working of the canal locks


  1. There is a Free bus service with a 30 min service, between Thaite Mills & Tesco Express Supermarket Leeds Dock. Last bus from Thaite Mills 4pm Please Check
  2. Car Park
  3. Walk to Thaite Mills along the south bank riverside path & the northern side Canal towpath 3.1 kilometres
  4. Free Water Taxi between Leeds Dock & Granary Wharf every 10 minutesNote this service runs throughout the year 7 am - 7 pm  Monday - Friday. 10 am - 7 pm  Saturday & Sunday

Armouries Square - Leeds Dock

Located at Leeds Dock next to the central footbridge & in front of the main entrance to the Royal Amouries Museum

Armley Mills Industrial Museum

Armley Mills was the world’s largest woollen mill.

  • See:
    • the magnificent machinery - spinning mules & weaving looms that turned wool into cloth.
    • The giant waterwheels that powered the mill
    • The section of the musum devoted to the early days of "The Cinema"

  • Free boat trips on the "Graffiti Barge"
  • Childrens Activities
  • Graffiti Workshop

Thaite Mills an active watermill

Thaite Mills is located 30 minute walk down stream along the River Aire & Calder Canal

  • Go Cart Rides
  • Crazy Golf
  • Bouncy Castle
  • Archery
  • Boat Rides
  • Face painting
  • 4 activity areas for Children
  • Blacksmith Demonstations
  • A range of canal boats, working boats and other traditional boats
  • Steam Crane
  • Face Painting
  • Crazy Golf
  • Over 15 craft and artisan stalls
  • Food & Drink stalls
  • Live Music


  1. There is a Free bus service with a 30 min service, between Thaite Mills & Tesco Express Supermarket Leeds Dock. Last bus from Thaite Mills 4pm
  2. Car Park at Thaite Mills & possible parking on Thaite lane, the approch road to the Mill
  3. Walk along the south bank riverside path & the northern side Canal towpath 3.1 kilometres from city centre

Calls Landing

  • Locally Brewed Beer
  • Street Food
  • Music

Calls Landing Location

  • In Calls lane
  • North bank River Aire
  • 80 metres upstrean from Centurty Foot Bridge & Brewery Wharf on the South Bank

Bars & Restaurants

  • Aire Bar. Riverside Terrace
  • Ambiente Tapas Restaurant Riverside Small Balcony
  • Brasserie Forty 4. Restaurant Riverside Terrace
  • Shears Yard Restaurant
  • The Calls Landing Bar. Riverside Terrace
  • Coffee 44. Coffee & snack Bar. The Calls

Located on the north bank of the river 80 metres upstream & on the opposite bank to Brewery Wharf, with the Centenary Footbridge Bridge connecting the two.

Victoria Wharf

  • Boules
  • Live Music
  • Artisan Market
  • French-style accordian players
  • Brasserie Blanc Restaurant - Wiil offer a bit of France with it's outside dining Parisian-style with crepes, patisserie-style cakes and a BBQ as well as a ‘beer and bubbly bicycle bar’ and cocktails Seasonal dishes inspired by the food of Raymond Blanc’s childhood, by chef Subrata Ganjan

Victoria Wharf Location

Located on the north bank of the river off Sovereign Street

Oopposite the Asda headquarter offices

Granary Wharf & Brewery Wharf

Access by walking along the north bank

The Tetley

Near Brewery Wharf

  • Music & Art
  • Bar
  • Massive Car Park

Castleton Mills

  • Team Event - Junk Boat Building
  • Race on Sunday to Granary Wharf - Will they float or Sink.  View from tow path on opposite side to the Mills